Here's the first book from Monster and Me, a brand-new adventure series filled with laughs, danger, and facing fears! Freddy von Frankenstein and his monster big brother, F.M., as well as and his adopted sister, a werecat named Riya, have amazing adventures as they explore the supernatural mountain they call home and discover all the fantastical creatures living there!
I had a wonderful time creating the designs and illustrations for this project. The characters come from different regions of the world and find themselves adapting to the Himalayan mountains and the Nepalese culture. This gave me a chance to weave a beautiful blend of their past and present into their designs and actions. The interplay of technology and magic elements, so perfectly put together by author, added a delectable layer of challenge to the illustrations. One which I joyfully accepted.  
Special thanks to the Art Director, Rob Wall and the great team at Little Bee Books for making every step of the project a smooth and enjoyable experience. 
The books are now out in stores. You can find he first book on the Simon and Schuster website.
Publisher: Little Bee Books
Author: Cort Lane
Editor: Charlie Ilgunas
Art Director: Rob Wall
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