The festival of Biska Jatra is in town today! All the humans celebrate by flinging bright colors on each other. Freddy wants to join the fun, but he's supposed to be doing his chores. As Freddy reluctantly starts cleaning, strange things begin to happen around the palace. His dad's bubble experiment goes wrong, and his mom's cooking explodes, leaving more messes for Freddy to clean. There's clearly a troublemaker in the Frankenstein's palace causing problems all over, and worst of all, his parents think it's him!
Freddy starts investigating with his brother and sister to find the prankster. Will he be able to capture the culprit and clear his (somewhat) good name in time to go to the festival?

Here's Book-2 in the Monster and Me series: The Palace Prankster. I had so much fun illustrating this book, especially the cover. Creating the Yaksha for this book was my favorite part. He is mysterious, annoying and kind of lovable at the same time. 

Writtten by the talented Cort Lane and published by Little Bee Books, New York. 
Special thanks are due to the most encouraging and supportive Art Director, Rob Wall and the Editor, Charlie Ilgunas, 
If you'd like to get your hands on this book, do visit the Simon and Schuster website. 
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