Freddy has started a Supernatural Action Search Squad with his brother, F.M., to track down the fantasticals that have started coming to their mountain. The S.A.S.S. is mostly an extra credit project to get him out of doing actual homework, but when he boots up his newly fashioned motion sensor, they immediately get a reading! They rush off to check it out, with Riya, their sister, following close behind to keep watch over them at their dad's request.
However, as Freddy and F.M. speed off down the mountain, Riya hears a different creature in distress. She goes off to help the fantastical since she can see Freddy's target is just a lost mountain climber-or is it?

Here's Book-3 in the Monster and Me series: The Unicorn's Spell. It was so great to work on this third book and to watch the characters and their relationships evolve through their adventures.

Written by the talented Cort Lane and published by Little Bee Books, New York. 
Special thanks are due to the most encouraging and supportive Art Director, Rob Wall and the Editor, Charlie Ilgunas, 
If you'd like to get your hands on this book, do visit the Simon and Schuster website. 
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