Method and Madness
With this project, the attempt is to embrace unpredictability and tactility as the medium.
I wanted to sidestep my usual process and see what it would be like to follow my instincts with no expectations of the results.


This process does not always have an outcome. I have many forceful failed attempts at this lying around in my hard disk. It is quite tempting to force it, especially after seeing the previous outcome. I think therein lies the beauty of the process: that there is no guaranteed outcome, but every attempt matters. 

The method to the madness seems to be that it is cyclical where the form gives rise to the words and the words in-turn mould the image. Once I know I need more textures, patterns or objects to fill my composition, the scavenging begins. It takes me to thrift shops, markets, gardens and very often around my own apartment looking for just the right material that will fit the image. The process of childlike dicovery and experimentation is quite satisfying. The patterns, textures, colors, compositions in my photographs contribute to the composition that ultimately represents the emotion I was going for. 

One of the most challenging aspects of being a designer is to have faith that your own mind will lead you down your unique path of creation. This process definitely puts that faith to test and also further strengthens it with every new epiphany that arrives, connecting the dots and forming a whole.
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