At Blue Giraffe Games, I was responsible for creating the animation library for several RPG games including Heart's Medicine and the Delicious series. It was an interesting experience to create animation for games. 
Since we worked with sprites, the focus was on finding the optimum poses and expressions for each character according to their unique attributes. The fewer frames I used for each animation, the better it was for the game, but this could in no way affect the storytelling. The expressions of Allison Heart, the protagonist were of the greatest importance. 
Thoroughly studying the script, finding those key moments in the story and designing the perfect poses for them was the most enjoyable experience for me as an animator.  
This job also gave me some great insights into the process of creating RPG games. 
The most gratifying experience however, was watching the players get so engrossed in the storyline that they laughed and cried along with the characters that we brought to life.
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